Review of Hindi film – Rajneeti

Yesterday I saw Rajneeti in Silver Bird screen of Lagos. This film is a political saga in the context of modern Indian politics and in the backdrop of Mahabharata. Prakash Jha is back with a bang after his failure in real Rajneeti – defeat in parliament election. And what a film he has made ! He has proved that if a director is good, he can make ordinary actor like Arjun Rampal to act. The complete story is very much resemblance of great epic Mahabharata. But the tight script of the film never allowed the audience to make too many comparisons between characters and find out mistakes.

Before I saw Rajneeti, I had some chance to see review of this film on Internet. Every other person writing about this film was selecting one or two characters from the film and telling they had performed well in comparison to others. I would rather say that the film is not carried on a single actor’s shoulder. Be it Nana Patekar, Ranbeer Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Katrina Kaif, Manoj Bajpai or Arjun Rampal….everybody was given a good scope in the film to show the acting skills. Those who have not been given good footage like Naseeruddin Shah….he was able to leave an impact due to his superb acting only.

Both Ajay Devgan and Manoj Bajpai had earlier worked with Prakash Jha. Both the actors performed very well and maintained their acting standards. I would say that Manoj Bajpai could not raise his acting standard much in comparison to his previous film like Shool and Satya. But all credit goes to these two actors to make this picture a worthwhile watching. As usual, actors like Nana Patekar and Naseeruddin Shah were living the characters of the film.

My surprise performances were two – first Katrina Kaif and the second Arjun Rampal. In the later part of the film, when Katrina came to know that she will have to marry Arjun Rampal instead of his brother and her love Ranbeer Kapoor…the emotions and pain she had shown on her face was superb. In fact, after Arjun was murdered….she was all over the film to bind the audience with her grief and this continued till end of the film. After so many films in her kitty, this time she just wanted her acting skills to be taken seriously by the audience. Yes Katrina..we have in fact taken you as a serious actor. Apart from acting, you will possibly even win some prizes for dialogue delivery this year. Apart from wearing sari like Sonia Gandhi, you have done really well to avoid replicating Sonia Gandhi’s character.

First time Arjun Rampal has demonstrated that he can act also. In some of the scenes….specially before Ranbeer came as a main character of the story….audience were thinking that he is performing the leading role (like Arjun from Mahabharata) of the film. Well done Arjun !

Not to forget Ranbeer Kapoor….it seems that he is improving film by film. He was very good in Rocket Singh…..and I knew he will be the lone flag bearer in future for the Kapoor Dynasty. He has proved this in this film that he is a real hero. However, due to the script, his character was having more negative touch than a typical Indian hero character. But I am sure….more films with much better acting skills of this man will be coming to the delights of his fan.

Violence in the film is excess….which could leave bad image of politics in budding politician’s mind. Script and dialogue delivery is Indian very strong and director has ensured that fighting actions are captured well from strategically placed cameras. This film is a worth watching at least once by those who have any interest in Indian politics and its deep-rooted corruptions. I foresee many awards to be won by this film in this year’s award functions.

Well done Mr Prakash Jha ! You are one of the jewels of Bihar.


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    Its a nice one

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