LIVING IN NIGERIA Part I – A journal of time spent in Nigeria

In 2008, I was working for a Bank at Mumbai in Credit card dept. It was one of the Saturdays of November, 2008 when I received a call from a Manpower consultant who was never known to me before. He wanted me to send my latest CV to him on urgent basis for an immediate opening in Nigeria. Not thinking much on this offer, I just forwarded my CV to him on the same day.

To my surprise, I received a call on the same day evening requesting me to appear for a personal interview on the very next day. Earlier also, I was getting similar type of calls for African countries’ openings and I was not taking these calls seriously. This may be due to the reason that the image of African nations is not very good in India for an ideal overseas job destination. But I decided to appear for the interview as I was seriously looking for a change from my current job.

Next day I appeared for the interview at one of the five-star hotels of Mumbai.  I met two gentlemen waiting for me – One African and another Indian. The sight of an Indian among the interviewers gave me a sigh of genuine relief.

Anyway, interview started in the open lobby area of the hotel and it did last for about 15 minutes. The complete interview was very simple and from any angle, I did not find any sign that they are not genuine person from the Bank for which they wanted me torecruit. The Indian gentleman tried his best to convince me that the selection is a genuine selection and the country is worth to give a try for job. They asked me about my salary expectations and time required to join the service – which I replied to them accordingly. I exchanged greetings and paid my sincere thanks to both the people before coming back to home.

After two days of this interview, I again received a call from the consultant confirming my selection for the job and an offer letter will be soon dispatched to me. At this point, I had decided that I have to take this offer seriously. I thought…if the offer is genuine, then I should accept it and give it a try.

Once I made up my mind, I started collecting all sorts of details of this country – its people, culture, life, safety, cost of living, communication system, social structure, food habit, transportation system and all those details one can think of.  And for me, Internet was the only medium.  I also tried to find out about the employer, its address, number of branches, Board of Directors, top executives etc. But to my dismay, I could hardly stumble upon any information that would have been vital for me to make a quick decision.  This was most frustrating. The only details I came to know was that in spite of having some concern on safety issues in the country, there is large number of Indians working in Nigeria and Lagos is considered to be safer place than other parts of the country.

So, with this unclassified information, I was very much uncertain to take a final decision on my offer. Fortunately, I came to know from my contacts that one of my friends is already working in Nigeria. Somehow, I was able to make a contact with him and with his help collected all the information of the country, and the Bank. I am very much thankful to him that because of all his classified details, I was able to decide to give a try to this offer.

More on this you will see next time with this blog very soon.

Cheers !



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