More from me soon…

Hello Friends !

The commitment towards my office work in Nigeria is somehow affecting on my regularity on this post. I hope you will excuse me. In the mean time, I would like to inform you that I have recently launched my own website on cards and eBanking ! Lots of work is going on and I am really excited about the final result and reaction from readers. So far it is encouraging enough to keep me going to write some more on my passion subject. Please visit – and leave your comment there. Thanks in advance.

Back home, in India, I have so many stories to tell from here….it is all about our Arabian sea is in danger – as ship with Oil has sank last week off Mumbai coast, Commonwealth game controversy, the Groom Market 🙂 of Bihar state, Inflation soaring high and many more. I hope, I will find time soon to write on all these ( I have already started my ground work).

Just to let you know that I am now polishing my skills on various aspects of web-designing also. I know the minimum wordpress settings now….and now moving ahead to learn more skills.

So, next time you can come here for more exciting blog posts.

Love you all !



About Ajay Mishra
A technocrat who believes in deep rooted values of Indian culture and passionate about writing on issues related to social cause. Loves to travel across the globe and meet people from various cultural background. Fitness and yoga freak and loves light and soothing music. I love blogging and writing on issues related to common cause and my field of expertise. See my blog at:

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