Commonwealth Game:Will India get its recognition or embarrassment?

The 19th Commonwealth Game is going to be held in New Delhi (India) from October 3-14. New Delhi was having about seven years to prepare for this game when its bid in November 2003 to host the game over Hamilton(Ontario) was successful.

As per the latest news reaching us all the venues are not expected to be ready by end of August 2010. But, Mr Jaipal Reddy, the new ministerial head of organising committee had told the media recently that the deadline of 31st August, 2010 given to Organizing committee by CWG Federation is not possible to meet.

This is another example of the casual approach of Organizing committee members and its leadership. Sticking to deadlines was very much important because the date of the game is very near. Already there are too many controversies surrounding this game and its Organizing Committee Chairman Mr Suresh Kalmadi. And the voice of dissent is coming from none other than but Congress Party member and Member of Parliament Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar, the former Sports Minister. Business tycoon and Chairman of Wipro Mr Azim Premji is also not in favour of spending so much money on organizing a game where as this money could have been better utilized for the welfare of poor. Even if the Game is completed successfully, it will continue to baffle me what India will achieve by organizing such a mega event?

On July 28, 2010, the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) released a report showing irregularities in up to 14 Commonwealth Game projects mainly in respect of awarding works at higher prices, poor quality assurance, awarding work to ineligible agencies etc. So there is no doubt that again India has shown its face to the World that we are one of the most corrupt countries of the World. And, till the game is over….we shall continue to learn more such unpleasant reports of the game.

Let us analyse this through the following texts, what bidding committee from India might have thought to achieve through this game:

Expectations Current reality
India will emerge a strong contender for organizing big games like Olympics, World Cup etc. India cannot be a strong contender for other big games as there is complete mismanagement of the power and money by the organizing committee of this game.
India will raise it’s below par standards of game facilities within the country. There are several controversies coming up where sportsperson are not being provided basic facilities to participate in the game. Some top sports persons have already shown their inability to participate in the game.
To encourage young achievers to participate in the game and improve their performance. There is a need to invest in developing sports facilities at school and college level. By providing more opportunities to students at this level will bring result in future. But most of the schools in India are not having their own playgrounds forget about the equipments and coaches.
Help the young sportsmen/women financially and provide them basic facilities. The amount to be utilized in this segment is not visible and media is already talking about the corruption involved in procuring training equipments and appointing foreign coaches.
Boost the overall image of India as one of the preferred Nation for sports. By using public money of about $6 billion in this game, what return the nation shall be getting in future, only time will tell.
Boost the tourism industry by showing its rich flora, fauna and rich culture and project brand India as new emerging destination for tourists. We may get some new influx of tourists, but in longer term….tourists visit only those nation where they find peace and security.
Show the hospitality of India to all the guests. India is already famous for its hospitality…Nation need not spend so much money to do this.
India will be able to promote Indian business interests internationally. Some initiatives were taken in this regard by FICCI and business houses. Only time will tell us achievements in this regard.
To enhance a New Delhi’s global recognition, image and status as preferred destination in the World. With the kind of corruption, nepotism, red-tapism and bureaucracy we are observing, is this the image the India would like to project to the World?
A budgeted amount of $1.6 billion will be sufficient to organize this game. The total cost including developing infrastructure has gone beyond $6 billion. Who is responsible for this escalation of cost?

Even in the case of all the controversies of corruption, bid tampering, delayed venue readiness, environment issues etc, I want this Game to be completed successfully and after that let the law to take the charge to prosecute all those behind mismanagement of public funds. Nobody should have the opportunity of maligning the image of India in the name of organizing a game for the Country.


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