LIVING IN NIGERIA Part II – A journal of time spent in Nigeria

About Nigeria Transport System and related Problems

One of the most discussed problems of Nigeria is its transportation system. Almost all the surface transport is dependent on road. Frequent traffic jam and road rage is very common here. Most of the vehicle drivers are not following traffic rules that lead to most of the traffic rules. If you stay far from your office and you want to reach your home before a particular time, then 9 out of 10 times chances are that you cannot reach on time. This situation I am particularly talking about Lagos. However, my friends from most of the other cities of Nigeria also talks about same situation of Traffic.

Traffic jam is called “Go Slow” in Nigeria. There are certain precautions to be taken while you are caught in a “Go Slow”. These are more on a safety point of view. If it is dark, robbers may target you on a certain street. They can come from nowhere and they will put gun on you from the window glass.  Now how to save your life that totally depends on you and your presence of mind. Do not make any noise, just open glass slightly and handover cash, mobile and watches etc to the robber. As long as you do not make any protest chances are that 9 out of 10 times they will not fire on you. Never try to do any trick with these men because they do not think twice before pulling triggers. Your life is more important than any valuables with you. Remember, you should always carry some good amount of local currencies with you to satisfy these robbers. Robbers always expect that Expatriates (generally it is foreigners with white skin) are always carrying a good amount of cash with them and if someone is not handing over him cash that means the person do not want to let loose his wallet. THIS COULD BE A LIFE THREATENING TO YOU!

Another biggest problem experienced even by the local Nigerians is the presence of large numbers of street hawkers. Street selling is illegal in Nigeria but you will find these sellers on almost all the major streets of Nigeria. These hawkers sell anything from food items to music CDs, watches, slippers, newspapers, magazines, books etc. They take the advantage of “Go Slow” nature of traffic of Nigeria and make a good business from the commuters. To sell a small item of as low as 100 Naira, they can sprint with you to match the car speed. From the efforts of these hawkers, they seem to be very laborious to earn a livelihood from street selling. But some of these hawkers turn into robbers after the dusk. Foreigners with white skins are advisable to desist themselves from buying anything from these hawkers. There is a separate cell in the Government machinery who deals with these street hawkers. Sometimes we see them active and they try to arrest these hawkers for illegal selling. But this is hardly effective.

To make the things worst, the traffic police personnel of the state government can be termed as most corrupt staff of the Government. These staffs always try to collect some money from the car occupant for the unreasonable offences. Like, I have been stopped by these policemen to tell me that I have crossed the stop line. But when I argued that there is no stop line marked on the road, they had started demanding money from me. They threatened to capture the car and take me to police station for paying a fine. Best way is to save your time and pay some money to them. You can start bargaining for the money to be paid to them from N500-2000.

There are several other safety measures to be taken at the time of city commutation. More on this, I will write soon for the benefit of you all.

Cheers !


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One Response to LIVING IN NIGERIA Part II – A journal of time spent in Nigeria

  1. Shivani says:

    Dear Sir, It is interesting to learn about life in Nigeria, moreover when I myself had a pretty adventurous stay there last year. Amongst hawkers you forgot to add the groundnut sellers. Nigeria is one third world country like India, they have their problems, similar to India. But the fact is their malnutrition is less than of India. They are ranked high in happiness index, and we glance on the road a group of Nigerians guffawing on a small joke. And they regard Indians a lot. I had been there for a Jatropha Biodiesel promotion project.
    Stumbling upon your blog through Google has been a nice experience as that could revive my year old memories of one week in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja).

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