Places to visit in Lagos : IITA, Iabdan

I am not writing this new post on a very good note. I feel sorry for writing this after a long gap. I have few visitors who always motivate me with their comments to write something more on Nigeria. So this post is dedicated to those visitors.

While spending my time in Nigeria, I was going nuts sometimes while deciding places to visit during weekend or holidays. Before any holidays, there were series of consultations with family and friends on likely places to visit. Being expatriate, we have to ensure that place to be visited is at least secured and offers minimum amenities for a family. This become more important when you are an expatriate.

I try to present details of some of the interesting places I had visited during my stay in Lagos.  Today’s post is dedicated to a place in Ibadan and this place is known as IITA – International Institute of Tropical Agriculture at Ibadan – a place about 125 Kms north of Lagos.

IITA has been formed by group of African nations to address solutions for hunger, malnutrition, and poverty in African continent. This research institute is situated in Ibadan on Ilorin highway, about 20 Kms out of city. To reach IITA, you have to take Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and travel about 125 Kms north of Lagos. Depending on traffic, it may take 2-3 hours to reach Ibadan city. But depending on city traffic, it may take another hour to reach IITA campus.

Entrance gate of IITA

When you will reach IITA, plus 1000 Acre campus will leave you spellbound with its lush green environment and clean surroundings. Staffs of IITA are very co-operative and you can get a decent accommodation, if you get your booking done before arriving at the campus.

A view of IITA campus

It is advisable that one should plan for at least two days stay in the campus. There is a forest covering 1/3rd part of the campus and it is a good delight for the lovers of botany and nature. Flora and fauna in the campus is difficult to describe here but I can say that it presents a rich preserve for birds and small creatures.

Scene of sunset near lake

For tourist, there is lake near to lake where you can go for fishing or bird watching. You can relish much more, if you decide to visit lake surrounding early in the morning. The morning calmness of the lake side is a life time experience here. Even the quietness of sunset with the only presence of chirping sound of birds and small creatures gives the feeling of another world.

A view of the lake near forest

I am presenting some more photographs of the campus here, which is, I’m sure will be a  delight for visitors. There is a golf course, tennis court, trekking, cycling, swimming and many more things to do. However, a trekking to forest is a guided tour and there is a guide present in the campus who will take you inside the forest in a group.

Another view of IITA campus

Here is another photograph which is an entrance to the forest – a dense forest during rainy season. I would suggest that you should visit IITA just after rainy season i.e. during August – October to experience greenery of plants and herbs.

Entrance to forest

And for sure, you can find some more time to inquire about various researches going on inside the campus. You may meet some agricultural scientist working on cassava,   Maize, palm, beans, yam and many other crops used by Africans. Foods of the campus restaurant are good in taste and many varieties from veg and non-veg menu are present to cater to the needs of visitors from various countries. You can have your favorite drink and snacks across the counter to make your evening eventful.

My friends enjoying lunch

And at last, you can view my photo here standing in the midst of green environment and posing for the photograph.

On a pathway at IITA campus

Travelling has always attracted me and I would say that IITA, Ibadan is a traveler’s delight in Nigeria specially when you do not have many options to visit around Lagos. Please do write me, if any of you plan to visit Lagos, I can provide more details and specific information on IITA.


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