7 things I don’t like Nigerian…

I like this post….some hard truth…but it does not apply to all Nigerians. Nigerians are very good at heart and are friendly….but there are some shortcoming which they have to overcome from these problems. Then only they can call themselves a true proud Nigerian !

Jide Salu Diary

1. Loud.
Nigerians are just too loud. We are loud not only at public places, we are loud at home. We are embarrassingly loud at airports.We are loud at parties. We are loud at restaurants and we just can’t blame the incessant noise from generators for this manner. It’s annoying, it real does get to me and I can never get use to it.

2. Corruption.
Not every Nigerian is corrupt, however, you may almost believe everyone is. Corruption is bred in Nigeria. The system germinates it. The officials expect it. The reputation of this great nation has been bastardised by this evil growth. You are almost expected not to be clean as a Nigerian doing business. It has not helped when you are introduced abroad as a Nigerian.

3. In the wrong and still argue like its the right.
This habit is unbelievably annoying, what can I say. Let…

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About Ajay Mishra
A technocrat who believes in deep rooted values of Indian culture and passionate about writing on issues related to social cause. Loves to travel across the globe and meet people from various cultural background. Fitness and yoga freak and loves light and soothing music. I love blogging and writing on issues related to common cause and my field of expertise. See my blog at: http://mycardclub.com https://ajaykmishra.wordpress.com

One Response to 7 things I don’t like Nigerian…

  1. babajidesalu says:

    Hey Ajay,

    So lovely and kind of you to visit my blog and then go a step further to reblog as well. Thanks a great deal.

    I whole heartedly agree with you that not all Nigerians fall into the category I narrated in my post. For my ardent readers, they know I am one passionate Nigerian, however, I am known for writing it as I see it.

    I will surely return to spend more time here.

    Thanks once again and God bless you.

    Jide Salu

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