Do you know the type of this giant Pitcher plant ?

While I was in Nigeria, I had an opportunity to visit IITA, Ibadan(Nigeria) forest during a rainy(wet) season. Among the various plants I had seen, the one which had attracted my attention was a giant pitcher plant. While trailing through the forest, I had taken various photographs of this pitcher plant and would like to share the same with the readers here. Our group was very much excited on seeing the plants in original shape.

Inside forest in IITA, Iabdan.

Before writing this post, I had gone through various details of pitcher plant available in the Internet including Wikipedia. Pitcher plant is considered to be the most mysterious leaf in the whole wide universe. With its unique ability to obtain food, it has inspired multitudes to reshape their concept on how nature really works.

Pitcher plants are also called Carnivorous plants and have a tube-shaped leaves/body to trap and digest insects. The attraction of the plant is itself sufficient to lure flying insects apart from the sweet nectar of the plant. Once insects enters the mouth, it is impossible for the insects to come out. These insects are then digested by the enzymes present in the plant.

This pitcher plant is under bush and its mouth is closed

I have also come to know that these plants always seek nutrition because soil fails to provide sufficient mineral for their growth.  There are various types of pitcher plants and I failed to understand the category of this plant. It is to be noted here that this plant is not having cap as found in most of the other pitcher plants. See below picture.

A giant pitcher plant with open mouth and insects inside.

We had also observed a small quantity of liquid present inside plant. Flying insects are drowned in this liquid and gradually dissolved. Dissolved insects are slowly converted into Amino acids, urea, phosphates, ammonia etc. You can see another photograph here consisting of a bunch of pitcher plant.

A family of pitcher plant on ground

Pitcher plants are found in areas of high rainfall.  They come in various sizes and colors. Larger pitcher plants can even trap frog, snakes and birds inside.  But yes, we should not believe that a pitcher plant can trap a human or an animal as some description found in  fiction books.

A blooming pitcher plant with closed mouth

So, we had witnessed a living creature made by the nature in the form of a plant. And this plant not only eats but digests also. What could be more exciting for you than seeing these wonderful pitchers with naked eyes? I have come to know that these plants can be grown at home also. It may develop great curiosity and knowledge for your children as they can see wonders unfolding before their eyes.

If you know, please let me know the type of pitcher plant presented here.


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  1. basunivesh says:

    Nice snaps Ajay, liked your expressions too 🙂

  2. Ajay Mishra says:

    Thanks Basu ! I saw your finance blog ! Good information….keep it up.

    You may also visit my cards and eBanking related site ……Your comment is most welcomed.

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