Incredible India Photographs

India is a vast country. It is the 7th largest country in terms of geographical area and 2nd largest in terms of population. It is also the largest democracy of the World.  Since independence, India is never controlled by military ruler and have always witnessed power of ballots exercised by its citizens. India was a home to Indus Valley Civilization and have presented many cultures over many thousand years of existence. There are many religions being followed by Indians and this country is origin of religions like Hinduism, JainismBuddhism, Sikhism. That is why India is also known for Unity in Diversity.

India is also known for Arts, architecture, monuments, history, music, flora and fauna. After gaining independence in 1947, India is known for its rapid Economic development and this country is now one of the largest producer and consumer of goods worldwide. India receives around 30 million foreign tourists every year. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, India will remain a tourism hot-spot from 2009–2018, having the highest 10-year growth potential.

My aim of writing this post is to encourage foreign tourists to visit India and experience rich culture and the presence of wildlife, monuments, beaches, deserts etc. Tourism in India is always encouraged at government and private level and tourists are welcomed by all the states of India. Please find here more photographs of Incredible India. These photographs have come to me from various sources and I do not know the exact origin of these photographs. However, while being presented here for the readers, I would like to give due credit to all original photographers.

The Tajmahal

Tajmahal at the backdrop of steam engine

Tajmahal's reflection in water

Holi festival

A scene of Holi festival - A festival of color

Storm in desert

Rajasthan state witness storm in desert

Mountain, river and a small boat

Cherry flower blossoms

Flowers being collected by farmers

An evening on western banks

Picture of ancient unknown city market

The waterfall

One of the waterfall among many in India

Indian Railway platform

Indian railway platform witnesses rays of morning Sun

Flower merchant of Kashmir valley

A woman inside tree on a winter day

Another Desert storm scene of Rajasthan state

An image of a Buddha temple

Photo of two sages - a common scene of many holy cities of India

An Indian sage with a black sun-glass

I hope you have enjoyed these photographs ! So, what are you waiting for ? See you soon in India.


About Ajay Mishra
A technocrat who believes in deep rooted values of Indian culture and passionate about writing on issues related to social cause. Loves to travel across the globe and meet people from various cultural background. Fitness and yoga freak and loves light and soothing music. I love blogging and writing on issues related to common cause and my field of expertise. See my blog at:

2 Responses to Incredible India Photographs

  1. Benu DUTTA says:

    100% true…………… super explanation.

  2. lukescott313 says:

    very nice! i definately intend to visit india someday, it is very beautiful. meditation and mystical teachings interest me the most 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

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