Badagry – witness of history of slave trade in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the smallest state of Nigeria. It is situated at south of Nigeria. Badagry is a coastal town towards west of Lagos and this town is governed by Lagos State government. Nigerians living in this area are dependent on Agriculture, fishing etc for their livelihood. There is a small slavery museum in Badagry. This small museum represents history of slave trade and bondage labor.

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During my visit to Badagry in 2011, I came to know about the importance of this place. This place is having a dark history of human rights violation and slavery. During 19th century and before that, this place of Nigeria was infamous for salve trade along with some other places of Ghana, Senegal and Togo. Most of these places of Africa were former British colonies or French colonies. Slaves were transported from these places to many countries of Europe, America, South America and Caribbean islands. There are some preserved buildings, artifacts, sites representing memories of this period, which still attracts tourists from all over the World.

Slavery was started in 15th century was later abolished in 1886 and since then Badagry was developed as an important coastal town of Lagos. There are some other good areas to visit near Badagry including some beach resorts and amusement parks. The place is attracting good number of tourists now.  Though Nigeria is currently disturbed, this south part of the country is considered safer than other places. This place is about one and half our drive from Lagos and you can plan to reach  early in the morning and come back before sunset.

I share following photographs with my blog readers and anybody who is having future plan to visit this place can write to me for any kind of guidance.

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  1. muhammed yaro says:

    thank you Ajay Mishra for visiting and finding out more about my country,state and village.I know that one day inshaAllah I too will visit other places in the world especially India as you have also done.

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