Gujarat state’s advertisement on Yahoomail’s website

Today when I opened Yahoomail page, there was a pleasant surprise on the screen. An advertisement was placed by Gujarat state of India  inviting tourist to visit the state and experience nature, history, wildlife etc. I think, on Yahoomail’s home page, this is the first advertisement placed by any state of India to attract global tourists. This is for sure a welcome and pro-active step by Government of Gujarat state. Millions visit every day Yahoo mail page and even 1% of visitors decided to visit this state, the purpose of advertisement will be achieved. Please find image of advertisement here and a link to Gujarat tourism site.

Gujarat on Yahoo

An advertisement was placed today on Yahoomail's site by Gujarat tourism

I had visited Gujarat state in the past. I loved this state for its rich heritage and infrastructure. But the best thing I like about Gujarat is its people – very soft spoken and helpful. However, there are some other noteworthy facts of this state which you should know.

  • This is land of Mahatma Gandhi and his Sabarmati Ashram.
  • Asiatic lions are found only in Gir forest sanctuary of this state.
  • You can find deserts as well as various forest areas.
  • Many firsts of India’s independence struggle started here.
  • You can find great beaches, bird sanctuary, wildlife sanctuary in abundance.
  • Also, this is a land of Krishna God, temples, spirituality and Ashrams.

Gujarat’s capital Ahmadabad is connected to all the four metros of India by Air, Rail and Road. More details of this great state you can get from following link:

Gujarat tourism

About Gujarat state

Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram), Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram), Ahmedabad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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