My tribute to victims of Dana Air crash

I feel very much disturbed with this accident. The Abuja – Lagos route is very busy air route in Nigeria. Lagos, being the commercial capital of Nigeria, this air link connects top businessmen, bureaucrats, politicians, military officers and who’s who of Nigerian directory to Abuja. But this Sunday came as last Sunday for some of them.

What happened is painful. If there is any compromise on air safety rules by Dana Air, then no officials responsible for loss of human life should be spared. Reports are coming that this 22 years old aircraft with history of developing technical snags should be grounded long before. There are various contradictory reports appearing in print media about the overdue maintenance of this aircraft. Only proper investigation of this accident will bring truth behind the stories.

All lost lives were invaluable. Someone lost husband, someone lost children, someone lost parents, some lost friends…I was just thinking, what must be the mental conditions of these passengers, when they came to know that their life was cut short by the failure of aircraft engine. I also wonder how both the engines at the same time stopped working. Life of family members of lost passengers will never be same again. Dana Air has been grounded by the Government. An official of Dana Air said that they will soon be able to fly again. I compliment his confidence. Probably, his professional career is calling him again. He will soon forget the loss of more than 160 lives.

I can guess many reasons for this mishap. But on top of that, I am sure that investigating agency will find corruption as one of the reason for this accident. The corruption is affecting life of common people in every developing country. Nigeria is no different. I am telling this with my confidence. In India also, major loss of life is due to corruption in public life. We have not forgotten 1993 Mumbai Bomb blasts. Many lives were lost because policemen allowed RDX to be carried to the Mumbai shore by the terrorists.

I pray to the almighty God to give strength to all the family members of accident victims. At the same time, I also pray to give wisdom to all human being of this Earth so that they are able to make difference between right and wrong.


About Ajay Mishra
A technocrat who believes in deep rooted values of Indian culture and passionate about writing on issues related to social cause. Loves to travel across the globe and meet people from various cultural background. Fitness and yoga freak and loves light and soothing music. I love blogging and writing on issues related to common cause and my field of expertise. See my blog at:

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