What is the minimum salary required to survive in India?

This story is very touching. I have just read this in an Indian newspaper – “The Hindu”. I thought to share this story with my readers of WordPress. I find it

Unbelievable ! Unbelievable !! Unbelievable !!!

This is totally unbelievable to know the kind of Government apathy towards weaker section of our societies.

Government fights the case for not paying the salary and spends millions of Indian rupees on courts and lawyers related payments. But much less of these amounts cannot be paid to these hapless women, which is their rightful demand and even highest court of the country is endorsing their demand.

Photograph of these two ladies, who are facing the might of Indian autocracy(It is not democracy at all), has been shown here. Even the order of Supreme court of India has not been implemented by the Karnataka State government. For the last 42 years, they are getting a salary of Rs.15 per month which is equivalent to USD 0.27 per month. Can you believe this? And they have survived with this salary to fight their case with the State Government.


A more detail story can be read on following link:


My special thanks to the Mr Ravindranath Shanbhag, president of Udupi-based Human Rights Protection Foundation, who is fighting this case for years and waiting for the light of the day tirelessly. God should give strength to these divine soul.


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