Someone should tell Indian Hockey team…How to score goal?

The scene was pathetic today. I had decided to watch India-Belgium hockey match of London Olympic 2012. And India lost by 3-0. Few years back, no body would have believed that India will loose a match from a team like Belgium. But when I saw the match, I must say that Belgium team deserved to win today.

India’s passing and ball possession was pathetic. Shivendra Singh was playing like a club player. Sandeep Singh was also below average. Sardara Singh seems to have lost the appetite to win.  Ball possession and interception was never so bad as I saw today. It seems that India was totally clueless about rival’s strength today. Belgium had taken many shots on Indian goal post and was able to make two field goal and one penalty corner. And Belgium goalkeeper was marvellous in saving many shots.

From India side, no player was playing to his potential. Defence was weak and Belgium was able to penetrate the D circle many times. But when India was trying to enter D circle, the Belgium defence was at its best. European Hockey has won today. Asian Hockey has lost. Now a team like India, who had won 8 Olympic golds, have to play for 11th and 12th position. Who knows, Pakistani team would be there to support India in worst time of Asian Hockey.

Now only God can save Indian Hockey……Coach has done the job, but what he can do when players are not putting their heart into the game. And one more thing, when I opened some Internet news site after the match, almost every site was having story of India’s win against Srilankan cricket team in T20. But didn’t find any news of Indian hockey team’s loss to Belgium. Here lies the problem of Indian Hockey.


Is India heading towards worst economic collapse?

Corruption is mounting pressure on India’s economy. There is a significant economic slowdown posted by poor industrial output during the last couple of months. On 11th June, International Rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has warned that India could become the first nation from BRIC countries to lose investment grade rating. And the recent downturn could be due to the poor economy policy of the coalition UPA Government at the centre.

We should not forget that Standard & Poor’s (S&P) had also cut its outlook on India’s sovereign rating of `BBB’ to negative from stable in April, 2011. And that not long ago, S&P had upgraded India to investment grade BBB rating in January 2007 after India posted more than nine per cent growth in the last 4 years. So, if these politicians have welcomed previous rating up-gradation in 2007, why they are not accepting in 2012.

So, what is wrong with Indian economy. All over world, people look towards India for any outlook that India is supposed to present to smaller countries for sustainable growth and development. But what is happening to one of the strong pillar of BRIC nations? Other BRIC nations like Brazil, Russia and China enjoys a higher rating of S&P at present than India. Why S&P has to come with a special report this time on BRIC nation’s economy titled `Will India Be The First BRIC Fallen Angel?’

India Against Corruption

India Against Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The common people of India do not know how the Government is planning to revive the economy or what is the road-map for the next one year. However, there is a deep concern among citizens about  the depraving level of corruption among various tiers of governments in the country. As usual, the politicians have summarily rejected report of S&P. But intellectuals of India are taking this report very seriously.  We have the also the recent reports coming from the World Bank that they have cut growth forecast for India from 7.5% to 6.9%.

Chairman of Wipro Technologies Mr Ajeem Premji has recently commented that we are virtually living without a leader in the country.  This is what an eminent businessman has to say about our prime minister. Infosys founder and well-known name in Software industry Mr N R Narayan Murthy has also joined the debate by raising the issue of policy paralysis at the centre and many pending matters before the cabinet which eventually affecting the growth.

Hon. Anna Hazare in Nanded , Maharastra .

English: Hon. Anna Hazare in Nanded , Maharastra . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If citizens of any country is facing challenges of poverty, inflation and non-development, they will directly blame government. And India is also not different. Baba Ramdeo is leading a crusade against black money stacked outside India in foreign banks. Anna Hazare is leading another protest of rampant corruption in public life and asking government to bring tough law to control this. Gone are the days when we were pointing fingers to other countries known for their corrupt public officers. We should not forget that when you are pointing a finger towards other person, the rest of your fingers is actually pointing towards you. This has become true in case of India.

Almost everyday, we get the news of a new corruption story through the media. Now, we feel that the rampant corruption is the real reason for inflation and poverty. It has now devastated our economic, political, social and moral structures.  if immediate and drastic action is not taken, S&P will be forced to downgrade India’s investment growth rating. Then the nation will run into the risk of total and irredeemable collapse.  The time has come for all the Indians to join hands together and support the movement of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdeo. Then only we can halt the collapse of Indian economy.

Gujarat state’s advertisement on Yahoomail’s website

Today when I opened Yahoomail page, there was a pleasant surprise on the screen. An advertisement was placed by Gujarat state of India  inviting tourist to visit the state and experience nature, history, wildlife etc. I think, on Yahoomail’s home page, this is the first advertisement placed by any state of India to attract global tourists. This is for sure a welcome and pro-active step by Government of Gujarat state. Millions visit every day Yahoo mail page and even 1% of visitors decided to visit this state, the purpose of advertisement will be achieved. Please find image of advertisement here and a link to Gujarat tourism site.

Gujarat on Yahoo

An advertisement was placed today on Yahoomail's site by Gujarat tourism

I had visited Gujarat state in the past. I loved this state for its rich heritage and infrastructure. But the best thing I like about Gujarat is its people – very soft spoken and helpful. However, there are some other noteworthy facts of this state which you should know.

  • This is land of Mahatma Gandhi and his Sabarmati Ashram.
  • Asiatic lions are found only in Gir forest sanctuary of this state.
  • You can find deserts as well as various forest areas.
  • Many firsts of India’s independence struggle started here.
  • You can find great beaches, bird sanctuary, wildlife sanctuary in abundance.
  • Also, this is a land of Krishna God, temples, spirituality and Ashrams.

Gujarat’s capital Ahmadabad is connected to all the four metros of India by Air, Rail and Road. More details of this great state you can get from following link:

Gujarat tourism

About Gujarat state

Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram), Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram), Ahmedabad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Funny Pictures from India – A must see for fun lovers

I wanted to share some funny pictures with my visitors of this blog site. These pictures are either sent to me by some of my friends or collected from other sources over the last few years. With due credit to all those persons who have taken efforts to take these photographs, I am publishing the same here for the Netiziens of the web world. Some captions are written in Hindi, and the same is translated in to English so that all visitors have a real fun here.

A typical signboard of power transformer unit used as seat of a broken chair.

The caption at the back says – “When I grow older, I will become truck”.

Do you even need a car ?

A funny notice for wannabie customers at a roadside shop.

It is self-explanatory – you decide which one to choose ?

The caption says – “Scholars are not welcomed as all are scholars here”.

I hope, no executive from Volvo company sees this pic, otherwise he will sue the driver here.

A nice picture and a great effort indeed in customer service !

Even villagers enjoy playing chess in India during leisure time.

The signboard says ” Rs.5 for asking address, Rs.10 for escorting you to address”.

Most interesting. It says ” A shop of thief and Baniya – a merchant caste of India”.

So risky to travel on Bus roof, but the caption says “A bus service for public cause !”.

Happiest man on the Earth after having saved his sewing machine from the flood.

A Hindi signboard in a restaurant says “Penalty Rs.50 for vomiting and waiter service charge will be separate”.

A ride on a tractor with best driver in control !!!.

And the last one, I leave for my readers to comment and translate into English.

Is this the type of Government, citizens of India were expecting after 2009 election?

If you think about Indian National Congress(INC) party of India, you cannot forget the atrocities conducted by the then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi during the Emergency period of 1975. After more than 35 years of declaration of emergency, we can say that the Congress ideology has not changed much, but it has more deteriorated. Congress is the leading party in United Progressive Alliance(UPA), which won the general poll last time. In the last two years of rule, every action of Congress is aimed to hook to the Delhi power. After all, Delhi was symbol of power even thousands of years back. If you look into the history of India, every invader of India wanted to take hold of Delhi to become ruler of India. In modern India also, as soon as the political parties take charge of Government using power of public, they become power mongers and they forget importance of public power and they forget the principle of running government using essence of democracy.

So, why is it that we are facing this type of situation in modern India also? Is that enjoying absolute power is everything? Is that there is no place for public service in Indian politics?

Everyone wants to enjoy the power. Sometimes, I wonder, all leaders are saying that they are honest…If they are honest, then why they are in politics? Politics is not for the honest people – this is what the common people of India know. Now,   let us take a reciprocal view, if you are not honest….then why you are not in politics? As if, politics has been reserved for corrupt people. It is like a school class, where every student wants to become first….(obviously in corruption). That means, the race is for….who would earn more by corrupt means.

We have many names of Indian leaders who are making India proud(?) by helping the country to be listed amongst the most corrupt country of the world! From recent history….we have Sharad Pawar, Suresh Kalmadi, Chagan Bhujbal, A Raja, Madhu Koda, Ashok Chavan, Mayawati, Reddy brothers, Kanimozi, Dayanidhi Maran, Yeduyerappa etc. From the past we have… A. R. Antulay, Arjun Singh, Sukhram, Lalu Yadav, Jagannath Mishra, Mulayam Singh…..and this list goes on endlessly. I can say that, most of the leaders of modern India have misused their power after entering into politics.

Now the debate is going on in the country, how we should punish these leaders who are corrupt? The law of the land was not enough to deter these leaders from corrupt practices. Undoubtedly, the year 2010 was the year of scam for India. Many new scams came to the light….more importantly; these scams have crossed not millions but billions of Indian rupees. The greedy leaders have now removed all the boundaries. They do not fear law. They do not love countries any more….they need money at all cost…they are not interested in country’s progress. Anna Hazare is leading a protest against corrupt society and weak law…he has already started movement for a change, and a fight against corruption.

And we know, changes will not come easy. There will be struggle and uprising of public to make India a worthy place to live. General public wants a better India to live, a country which is free from crime, where everybody is having conducive environment to grow, controlled inflation, pollution free environment, policies in the interest of common men specially farmers and labourers etc. And this is possible only when, we have corrupt-free India.

Let us all support Anna’s movement for a better India.

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