My tribute to victims of Dana Air crash

I feel very much disturbed with this accident. The Abuja – Lagos route is very busy air route in Nigeria. Lagos, being the commercial capital of Nigeria, this air link connects top businessmen, bureaucrats, politicians, military officers and who’s who of Nigerian directory to Abuja. But this Sunday came as last Sunday for some of them.

What happened is painful. If there is any compromise on air safety rules by Dana Air, then no officials responsible for loss of human life should be spared. Reports are coming that this 22 years old aircraft with history of developing technical snags should be grounded long before. There are various contradictory reports appearing in print media about the overdue maintenance of this aircraft. Only proper investigation of this accident will bring truth behind the stories.

All lost lives were invaluable. Someone lost husband, someone lost children, someone lost parents, some lost friends…I was just thinking, what must be the mental conditions of these passengers, when they came to know that their life was cut short by the failure of aircraft engine. I also wonder how both the engines at the same time stopped working. Life of family members of lost passengers will never be same again. Dana Air has been grounded by the Government. An official of Dana Air said that they will soon be able to fly again. I compliment his confidence. Probably, his professional career is calling him again. He will soon forget the loss of more than 160 lives.

I can guess many reasons for this mishap. But on top of that, I am sure that investigating agency will find corruption as one of the reason for this accident. The corruption is affecting life of common people in every developing country. Nigeria is no different. I am telling this with my confidence. In India also, major loss of life is due to corruption in public life. We have not forgotten 1993 Mumbai Bomb blasts. Many lives were lost because policemen allowed RDX to be carried to the Mumbai shore by the terrorists.

I pray to the almighty God to give strength to all the family members of accident victims. At the same time, I also pray to give wisdom to all human being of this Earth so that they are able to make difference between right and wrong.


7 things I don’t like Nigerian…

I like this post….some hard truth…but it does not apply to all Nigerians. Nigerians are very good at heart and are friendly….but there are some shortcoming which they have to overcome from these problems. Then only they can call themselves a true proud Nigerian !

Jide Salu Diary

1. Loud.
Nigerians are just too loud. We are loud not only at public places, we are loud at home. We are embarrassingly loud at airports.We are loud at parties. We are loud at restaurants and we just can’t blame the incessant noise from generators for this manner. It’s annoying, it real does get to me and I can never get use to it.

2. Corruption.
Not every Nigerian is corrupt, however, you may almost believe everyone is. Corruption is bred in Nigeria. The system germinates it. The officials expect it. The reputation of this great nation has been bastardised by this evil growth. You are almost expected not to be clean as a Nigerian doing business. It has not helped when you are introduced abroad as a Nigerian.

3. In the wrong and still argue like its the right.
This habit is unbelievably annoying, what can I say. Let…

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Do Nigerians have better etiquettes than Indians ???

Greeting etiquettesWhile you stay in Nigeria you have to keep in mind that greeting people (known or unknown) is very much important in every day life. The daily life situations could be anything like passing someone in the corridor or street, meeting someone at a party, office or cultural event, approaching a security guard to open gate, getting your car filled by petrol pump attendant, plumber coming to your house for repair etc.  It is a way of life in Nigeria. You cannot avoid this and ignorance about this will label you as an arrogant person and your behavior will be equivalent to disrespect to others.

If you are on a street just say good morning, good afternoon or good evening as you pass through(even strangers expect some response). But while you reach your office, it has to be more elaborate. “Hello, how are you? How was the night? How is your family? are common greetings. Nigerian admire if some person of the foreign origin greet them in their own language be it Yoruba, Egbo or Housa. So learning some common greetings in local language is a great way to mix up with Nigerians.

Saying Good Morning in Nigeria

A Nigerian woman teaching her son to say Good Morning

If someone invites you in a party, it is important for you to attend party and ensure that the host acknowledges you presence. Try to mix-up in the party by shaking hands all around, or nodding, smiling and uttering greeting words. Shaking hands with ladies is also acceptable norm in south Nigeria but not in north Nigeria. Attending event is more important that to stay for the entire party time.

During my 3 years stay in Nigeria, I have learnt that Nigerian’s greeting culture is better than Indian’s. This I am telling you based on my experiences. Locals will look at you with strange eyes if you start talking to them without formal greeting. Some will even not notice your presence though they know that you are talking to them. There is no gap between seniors and juniors, rich and poor, elder or young generations for greeting exchange. I had to ensure that my kids have learnt this within one month of stay. Otherwise they would have been branded as uncultured Indian children.

If you have to get some work done from an official or even by your friend, starting discussion with normal greeting like “Good Morning, How are you, How is your family etc” will make your work half done. Next is to explain him your work and request for help. But if you do not start with normal greeting, you should be ready to make the things more complicated.

Nigerian lady

This young lady who was also our house-help has taught us Yoruba greetings

When I came back to India, I immediately noticed the difference of greeting culture. Saying “Good Morning” before starting any conversation with a person will most probably get one of the following reactions :

– Person will say Good Morning without any feeling (a formality).
– Will not react but only nod his head (as if he is doing me a favor).
– He will react as if he has not listened (he makes a point that he is superior to me).
– Start talking without any formal greeting (ignores my importance of greeting).

This does not go well with my family. However, we have learnt a lesson and we will continue to greet people with or without any response from the other people.

10 things you should know before visiting Nigeria

Nigeria is not a country like any other country people would like to visit without certain precautions. Foreign embassies of almost all the European countries and USA are issuing travel warning for the benefit of their citizens from time to time.

Foreign Affairs ministries and International Trade ministry of various countries always advise against non-essential travel to Nigeria. It is expected that all those who want to travel to Nigeria; should maintain an extremely high level of security awareness and inquire about local conditions before travelling in the country.

Some of the major cities including Abuja and Lagos have a regular history of violent crimes like robbery, kidnapping and murders etc. Some of these targeted attacks are against foreign nationals and assaults are witnessed in areas frequented by foreigners. During daytime hours, travellers are advised to remain alert and extremely vigilant. After dark, all unnecessary road travel should be avoided.

Those who are planning to visit Nigeria for essential travels, here are 10 most important points they should follow before embarking on the visit.

1) Never accept any eatable items or packets from any stranger either during the flight or at the airport. Chances are that they may handover you some item, which is banned in Nigeria.

2) Ensure that you have taken vaccine for Yellow fever as International Regulation makes it mandatory before entering some countries including Nigeria. You are expected to hold an International Certificate of Vaccination (yellow card) that has been validated by the approved vaccination center.

3) At the Murtala Mohammed Airport-Lagos, if you want to use trolley to carry your luggage, you have to pay for it. Yes, this service is not free. The charge is Naira 150 or USD 1. So it is better to keep change in your pocket so that you can pay exact change for the service.

4) Before coming out of the airport, the chances are that you may be requested for the weekend money or special money by the attendees at the conveyor belt, immigration counter or at the exit gate etc. Just ignore these requests and do not try to take out money from your pocket.

5) There are certain areas in Nigeria having ethnic, political or religious-based disturbances. Foreigners should avoid going to these areas without proper security arrangements. Apart from this, certain areas are restricted for foreigners and they are not allowed to visit these areas with prior permission only. Always obtain prior permission from Nigerian Government through your embassy before visiting these areas.

6) In general, you will find courteous staff at the airport from whom you can ask for any kind of help such as luggage clearance, immigration clearance etc. Always ask help from uniformed staffs on duty. Please do not forget to start conversation with a formal greeting like Good Morning or Good Afternoon etc.

7) Always pre-arrange your car-pickup and note down the name of the person and phone number who is coming to pick you from the airport. Try not to use the taxi service of the airport as there is no meter system introduced in the cab. In no choice option, ensure that
a. You have a local person to accompany you till the drop point.
b. You have already fixed the fare with the driver.
c. You have noted down the registration number of the taxi.

8)Parking your car near the airport exit to pickup your luggage is strictly not allowed. If you do so, chances are that you may invite a bigger trouble in the form of police interception. Always carry your luggage till the parking area or up to those pickup joints where car parking is allowed.

9) If you have to stay in a hotel, always book the hotel in advance through internet or local connections. Searching for the hotel after reaching the city, may land you in a bigger trouble in the form of touts.

10) While travelling within city limit, wind up the door glasses of the car and keep the doors locked. It is advisable to avoid purchasing items from street hawkers. There were incidents when these street hawkers become highway robbers after the dusk.

For the benefit of the readers, I would like to receive comments from those visitors of my blog who are having some more travel advisories for this country other than mentioned above.

Cheers !

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