India towards cashless society….When ? How ?

Indian economy is bleeding….not because it has financial problems, but because its economy is heavily dependent on cash. The electronic mode of payment for majority of transactions is still a distant reality. Government of India spends billions of rupees every year on printing and managing currencies and coins. While western countries have already adopted eMoney, India is still far behind in comparison to developed countries from Europe. Read More on to know real aspect of this difference…..

India towards cashless society….When ? How ?


Airtel Mobile Money : Will it be successful in India ?

Airtel Mobile money has been recently launched in India. This is one of the pioneer movement by telecom giant. However, this service is different from mobile money payment system launched in other parts of the World. While this post discusses some of the features of this service, it also presents few shortcomings, which may not be beneficial for promoters and subscribers in the long run..

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Airtel Mobile Money : Will it be successful in India ?

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