Mumbai to Delhi : Journey in an Indian train

These photographs were taken during my recent visit to Delhi (India’s Capital) in air-conditioned 3-tier coach. I used Kodak digital camera set at 5 mega-pixels. From the source station we started at about 5 pm and it was beautiful scene outside due to cloudy weather. I am presenting first series of photographs containing 20 snaps. More photographs will be presented here in my next post. In order to make images uploadable, photographs have to be edited to reduce pixels and size of the file. All these photographs are of Mumbai and its suburb areas.

Source station-Mumbai


Gujarat state’s advertisement on Yahoomail’s website

Today when I opened Yahoomail page, there was a pleasant surprise on the screen. An advertisement was placed by Gujarat state of India  inviting tourist to visit the state and experience nature, history, wildlife etc. I think, on Yahoomail’s home page, this is the first advertisement placed by any state of India to attract global tourists. This is for sure a welcome and pro-active step by Government of Gujarat state. Millions visit every day Yahoo mail page and even 1% of visitors decided to visit this state, the purpose of advertisement will be achieved. Please find image of advertisement here and a link to Gujarat tourism site.

Gujarat on Yahoo

An advertisement was placed today on Yahoomail's site by Gujarat tourism

I had visited Gujarat state in the past. I loved this state for its rich heritage and infrastructure. But the best thing I like about Gujarat is its people – very soft spoken and helpful. However, there are some other noteworthy facts of this state which you should know.

  • This is land of Mahatma Gandhi and his Sabarmati Ashram.
  • Asiatic lions are found only in Gir forest sanctuary of this state.
  • You can find deserts as well as various forest areas.
  • Many firsts of India’s independence struggle started here.
  • You can find great beaches, bird sanctuary, wildlife sanctuary in abundance.
  • Also, this is a land of Krishna God, temples, spirituality and Ashrams.

Gujarat’s capital Ahmadabad is connected to all the four metros of India by Air, Rail and Road. More details of this great state you can get from following link:

Gujarat tourism

About Gujarat state

Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram), Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram), Ahmedabad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Badagry – witness of history of slave trade in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the smallest state of Nigeria. It is situated at south of Nigeria. Badagry is a coastal town towards west of Lagos and this town is governed by Lagos State government. Nigerians living in this area are dependent on Agriculture, fishing etc for their livelihood. There is a small slavery museum in Badagry. This small museum represents history of slave trade and bondage labor.

Map locator of Nigeria.

Lagps Badagry map

Photo credit : Google map and wikipedia

During my visit to Badagry in 2011, I came to know about the importance of this place. This place is having a dark history of human rights violation and slavery. During 19th century and before that, this place of Nigeria was infamous for salve trade along with some other places of Ghana, Senegal and Togo. Most of these places of Africa were former British colonies or French colonies. Slaves were transported from these places to many countries of Europe, America, South America and Caribbean islands. There are some preserved buildings, artifacts, sites representing memories of this period, which still attracts tourists from all over the World.

Slavery was started in 15th century was later abolished in 1886 and since then Badagry was developed as an important coastal town of Lagos. There are some other good areas to visit near Badagry including some beach resorts and amusement parks. The place is attracting good number of tourists now.  Though Nigeria is currently disturbed, this south part of the country is considered safer than other places. This place is about one and half our drive from Lagos and you can plan to reach  early in the morning and come back before sunset.

I share following photographs with my blog readers and anybody who is having future plan to visit this place can write to me for any kind of guidance.

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

Visit Nigeria

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Badagry, Nigeria – Their History in the Atlantic Slave Trade

Food for thought

He that loves reading, has everything within his reach. – William Godwin

Incredible India Photographs

India is a vast country. It is the 7th largest country in terms of geographical area and 2nd largest in terms of population. It is also the largest democracy of the World.  Since independence, India is never controlled by military ruler and have always witnessed power of ballots exercised by its citizens. India was a home to Indus Valley Civilization and have presented many cultures over many thousand years of existence. There are many religions being followed by Indians and this country is origin of religions like Hinduism, JainismBuddhism, Sikhism. That is why India is also known for Unity in Diversity.

India is also known for Arts, architecture, monuments, history, music, flora and fauna. After gaining independence in 1947, India is known for its rapid Economic development and this country is now one of the largest producer and consumer of goods worldwide. India receives around 30 million foreign tourists every year. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, India will remain a tourism hot-spot from 2009–2018, having the highest 10-year growth potential.

My aim of writing this post is to encourage foreign tourists to visit India and experience rich culture and the presence of wildlife, monuments, beaches, deserts etc. Tourism in India is always encouraged at government and private level and tourists are welcomed by all the states of India. Please find here more photographs of Incredible India. These photographs have come to me from various sources and I do not know the exact origin of these photographs. However, while being presented here for the readers, I would like to give due credit to all original photographers.

The Tajmahal

Tajmahal at the backdrop of steam engine

Tajmahal's reflection in water

Holi festival

A scene of Holi festival - A festival of color

Storm in desert

Rajasthan state witness storm in desert

Mountain, river and a small boat

Cherry flower blossoms

Flowers being collected by farmers

An evening on western banks

Picture of ancient unknown city market

The waterfall

One of the waterfall among many in India

Indian Railway platform

Indian railway platform witnesses rays of morning Sun

Flower merchant of Kashmir valley

A woman inside tree on a winter day

Another Desert storm scene of Rajasthan state

An image of a Buddha temple

Photo of two sages - a common scene of many holy cities of India

An Indian sage with a black sun-glass

I hope you have enjoyed these photographs ! So, what are you waiting for ? See you soon in India.

Images of Doha City

Doha is the capital of Qatar and a cosmopolitan metro city near to Dubai. It is said that 60% of Qatar’s population lives in Doha and is the economic center of the country. Though the country’s economic largely depends on oil and gas, in the last couple of years the Qatari government is rapidly trying to diversify the Qatari economy in order to move away from this dependence on oil. Recently, I had an opportunity to pass through Doha and I decided to stay for a day to see the city and its demographics. This city is the host of large number of expatriates mainly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Germany and other European countries.

I share following photographs with my readers here. Through these photographs, readers can experience Doha’s massive growth in infrastructure, economy and city development that has taken place in a short space of time.

The Iranian market

Camels near Iranian market

The City Center mall

Car near Iranian market

Enjoy smoke

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