Pensive mood inside Indian train

Kids are kids, we need to understand their psychology to handle them.  My son was with me inside AC coach when I was travelling from Mumbai to Delhi. Usually he is very naughty and restless during travel. He always throws tantrums in such a way that travelling through public transport becomes difficult for the family.

He knows how to get his demands fulfilled. When he gets up after a good sleep, he prefers to sit in isolation for some time. He doesn’t want to be  disturbed for the first 10-15 minutes. He takes his own time to come to normal routine. If he is at home, he sits in the balcony and observes surrounding outside.

I have captured his similar mood inside the train. He had a good afternoon nap and after getting up he was looking outside the window. Without telling him anything, I captured his mood in black and white. The photos have come out nicely due to lights coming out of the window and the shadow effects created in the background. Here are the photographs. His mood here is close to pensive and he seems to be deep inside his thought.

What he might be thinking?

Deep inside thought

A star’s thinking

Looking beyond distance

Caught me with smile


Mumbai to Delhi : Journey in an Indian train

These photographs were taken during my recent visit to Delhi (India’s Capital) in air-conditioned 3-tier coach. I used Kodak digital camera set at 5 mega-pixels. From the source station we started at about 5 pm and it was beautiful scene outside due to cloudy weather. I am presenting first series of photographs containing 20 snaps. More photographs will be presented here in my next post. In order to make images uploadable, photographs have to be edited to reduce pixels and size of the file. All these photographs are of Mumbai and its suburb areas.

Source station-Mumbai

Is India heading towards worst economic collapse?

Corruption is mounting pressure on India’s economy. There is a significant economic slowdown posted by poor industrial output during the last couple of months. On 11th June, International Rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has warned that India could become the first nation from BRIC countries to lose investment grade rating. And the recent downturn could be due to the poor economy policy of the coalition UPA Government at the centre.

We should not forget that Standard & Poor’s (S&P) had also cut its outlook on India’s sovereign rating of `BBB’ to negative from stable in April, 2011. And that not long ago, S&P had upgraded India to investment grade BBB rating in January 2007 after India posted more than nine per cent growth in the last 4 years. So, if these politicians have welcomed previous rating up-gradation in 2007, why they are not accepting in 2012.

So, what is wrong with Indian economy. All over world, people look towards India for any outlook that India is supposed to present to smaller countries for sustainable growth and development. But what is happening to one of the strong pillar of BRIC nations? Other BRIC nations like Brazil, Russia and China enjoys a higher rating of S&P at present than India. Why S&P has to come with a special report this time on BRIC nation’s economy titled `Will India Be The First BRIC Fallen Angel?’

India Against Corruption

India Against Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The common people of India do not know how the Government is planning to revive the economy or what is the road-map for the next one year. However, there is a deep concern among citizens about  the depraving level of corruption among various tiers of governments in the country. As usual, the politicians have summarily rejected report of S&P. But intellectuals of India are taking this report very seriously.  We have the also the recent reports coming from the World Bank that they have cut growth forecast for India from 7.5% to 6.9%.

Chairman of Wipro Technologies Mr Ajeem Premji has recently commented that we are virtually living without a leader in the country.  This is what an eminent businessman has to say about our prime minister. Infosys founder and well-known name in Software industry Mr N R Narayan Murthy has also joined the debate by raising the issue of policy paralysis at the centre and many pending matters before the cabinet which eventually affecting the growth.

Hon. Anna Hazare in Nanded , Maharastra .

English: Hon. Anna Hazare in Nanded , Maharastra . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If citizens of any country is facing challenges of poverty, inflation and non-development, they will directly blame government. And India is also not different. Baba Ramdeo is leading a crusade against black money stacked outside India in foreign banks. Anna Hazare is leading another protest of rampant corruption in public life and asking government to bring tough law to control this. Gone are the days when we were pointing fingers to other countries known for their corrupt public officers. We should not forget that when you are pointing a finger towards other person, the rest of your fingers is actually pointing towards you. This has become true in case of India.

Almost everyday, we get the news of a new corruption story through the media. Now, we feel that the rampant corruption is the real reason for inflation and poverty. It has now devastated our economic, political, social and moral structures.  if immediate and drastic action is not taken, S&P will be forced to downgrade India’s investment growth rating. Then the nation will run into the risk of total and irredeemable collapse.  The time has come for all the Indians to join hands together and support the movement of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdeo. Then only we can halt the collapse of Indian economy.

My tribute to victims of Dana Air crash

I feel very much disturbed with this accident. The Abuja – Lagos route is very busy air route in Nigeria. Lagos, being the commercial capital of Nigeria, this air link connects top businessmen, bureaucrats, politicians, military officers and who’s who of Nigerian directory to Abuja. But this Sunday came as last Sunday for some of them.

What happened is painful. If there is any compromise on air safety rules by Dana Air, then no officials responsible for loss of human life should be spared. Reports are coming that this 22 years old aircraft with history of developing technical snags should be grounded long before. There are various contradictory reports appearing in print media about the overdue maintenance of this aircraft. Only proper investigation of this accident will bring truth behind the stories.

All lost lives were invaluable. Someone lost husband, someone lost children, someone lost parents, some lost friends…I was just thinking, what must be the mental conditions of these passengers, when they came to know that their life was cut short by the failure of aircraft engine. I also wonder how both the engines at the same time stopped working. Life of family members of lost passengers will never be same again. Dana Air has been grounded by the Government. An official of Dana Air said that they will soon be able to fly again. I compliment his confidence. Probably, his professional career is calling him again. He will soon forget the loss of more than 160 lives.

I can guess many reasons for this mishap. But on top of that, I am sure that investigating agency will find corruption as one of the reason for this accident. The corruption is affecting life of common people in every developing country. Nigeria is no different. I am telling this with my confidence. In India also, major loss of life is due to corruption in public life. We have not forgotten 1993 Mumbai Bomb blasts. Many lives were lost because policemen allowed RDX to be carried to the Mumbai shore by the terrorists.

I pray to the almighty God to give strength to all the family members of accident victims. At the same time, I also pray to give wisdom to all human being of this Earth so that they are able to make difference between right and wrong.

India towards cashless society….When ? How ?

Indian economy is bleeding….not because it has financial problems, but because its economy is heavily dependent on cash. The electronic mode of payment for majority of transactions is still a distant reality. Government of India spends billions of rupees every year on printing and managing currencies and coins. While western countries have already adopted eMoney, India is still far behind in comparison to developed countries from Europe. Read More on to know real aspect of this difference…..

India towards cashless society….When ? How ?

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