Someone should tell Indian Hockey team…How to score goal?

The scene was pathetic today. I had decided to watch India-Belgium hockey match of London Olympic 2012. And India lost by 3-0. Few years back, no body would have believed that India will loose a match from a team like Belgium. But when I saw the match, I must say that Belgium team deserved to win today.

India’s passing and ball possession was pathetic. Shivendra Singh was playing like a club player. Sandeep Singh was also below average. Sardara Singh seems to have lost the appetite to win.  Ball possession and interception was never so bad as I saw today. It seems that India was totally clueless about rival’s strength today. Belgium had taken many shots on Indian goal post and was able to make two field goal and one penalty corner. And Belgium goalkeeper was marvellous in saving many shots.

From India side, no player was playing to his potential. Defence was weak and Belgium was able to penetrate the D circle many times. But when India was trying to enter D circle, the Belgium defence was at its best. European Hockey has won today. Asian Hockey has lost. Now a team like India, who had won 8 Olympic golds, have to play for 11th and 12th position. Who knows, Pakistani team would be there to support India in worst time of Asian Hockey.

Now only God can save Indian Hockey……Coach has done the job, but what he can do when players are not putting their heart into the game. And one more thing, when I opened some Internet news site after the match, almost every site was having story of India’s win against Srilankan cricket team in T20. But didn’t find any news of Indian hockey team’s loss to Belgium. Here lies the problem of Indian Hockey.

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